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We at Tegula Paving and Landscaping Ltd. understand how wonderful it is to be able to spend time outside. We wish to assist you in transforming your garden into a relaxing and enjoyable space for you and your family.

We can help you create a garden with plenty of turfs for your pets and children to play in, or something much more gorgeous with exquisite plants and flowers. All of our services are customized to meet your specific requirements, and no work is too big or small for us.

Tegula Paving and Landscaping Ltd. offers a wide range of gardening services.

Garden Maintenance

Take use of professional gardening services on a regular basis. Allow someone else to handle all of the time-consuming and often tedious responsibilities.

Garden Clearance

A one-time garden maintenance service that charges by the hour. With just one visit from the crew, you can get rid of all the unsightly and overgrown plants in your backyard. Remove the heaps of leaves and other organic trash that have accumulated in your garden.

Lawn Care

Maintain healthy and evergreen grass with lawn care. Depending on the season, professional mowing, feeding, fertilizing, aerating, weeding, and other services are available. Make that lovely spot for you to enjoy and your children to play in.

Garden Trash Collection and Disposal

: Ensure that all organic and non-organic garden waste is collected and disposed of according to UK norms and regulations. Cleaning up your garden, recycling, and conserving the environment are all good things to do

Gutter Cleaning

From the safety of the ground, clean your drainage system. Use wet vacuum gutter cleaning equipment with an extension pole and a small camera at the top. Clean your driveway to improve the appearance of your home’s exterior. With the power of pressurized water, proper jet washing can eliminate all built-up pollutants and stains from any surface.

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