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Tarmacadam - What is it?

Tarmacadam is a road paving material that is formed by blending macadam surfaces, sand, and tar. Tarmacadam and tarmac can be used for a variety of materials, including modern asphalt concrete, grouted macadam, and bituminous treatments.

Tarmac is made by combining tar with crushed stone or gravel layers to create a long-lasting, solid, and powerful aggregate surface.

This is the most recent and modern variety, in which naturally occurring tar is replaced with a product of the oil industry termed bitumen, a low-grade crude oil, when heated.

Tarmac is a great way to add value to a home because it appears clean, professional, and will last for years if properly maintained. Edgings, line marking, bitumen jointing, and other tarmacking extras are available in a variety of colors and textures to meet your needs.

Tarmacadam Specialist

Proactive and professional experienced contractor teams, with trained expertise of sub-base installations, can design, install, and make amazing transformations, all customized to meet your property or project, budget, and aesthetic requirements.

We aim to impress and deliver high-quality workmanship and outstanding flawlessly leveled finishes, as evidenced by our five-star rated reviews.

Tegula Paving and Landscaping Ltd. offer competitive pricing for home, commercial, and civil contract work, which includes work for municipal governments. Tegula Paving and Landscaping Ltd. is the perfect contractor for you whether you need a small or major task done.

We offer a wide range of road surfacing services all throughout the United Kingdom. Everyone can benefit from our great services.

For a Tarmacadam estimate, contact us today. Chester and the adjacent Cheshire districts are covered by us.

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